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Lin is a solo pianist and piano teacher with 8 years experience


Lin started music training with professor Meichun Huang at the age of 6. As her parents are both music lovers, she got chances to immerse herself in different genres of music in her childhood years. Since then, she has been given numerous chances to play in communities, schools and shows. Lin studied Musicology (majoring Overseas Education) during her undergraduate years and became a piano teacher in a local music service in Xiamen, China while she was at the same time preparing for her further music study in the UK. She moved to Cardiff in 2013 and completed the two-year MA course of Piano Performance in Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (RWCMD) under the direction of Graham Caskie. During her intensive professional study in RWCMD, she also had opportunities to study with Richard McMahon, Llŷr Williams, James Kirby, Richard Ormrod and Freddy Kempf.


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“Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think”


- Albert Einstein


Lin moved to London in 2015 and pursuing her love of piano performance. She then studied with concert pianist Gordon Fergus-Thompson and Tom Donald meanwhile she took Jazz piano lessons with Paul Abrahams to improve her harmonization and improvisation skills. She is now settled in Blackheath and carry on her career as a professional pianist and piano teacher.

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About the Studio


Lin’s Piano studio offers private piano lessons on a one-to-one basis to students in Blackheath, Greenwich, Deptford, Isle of Dogs, Canada Water, Canary Wharf and other area with charge for comute.

Lin loves to share her experiences of intentional piano playing, which means to start piano study on purpose, and take consistent, deliberate action in your daily piano practice. Lin believes that music lessons should be enlightening, motivated and have profound effect on student’s music awareness. With her well rounded musical knowledge and 20 years’ experience of piano studying, she can lead students to follow a systematic method with less mechanical and unproductive practice.


As a pianist and piano teacher, I ask myself from time to time: “What does a ‘musical student’ look like in my studio? What am I trying to achieve?”

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Teaching philosophy (for ABRSM Exam)

I wish my student will aim at not only correcting notes at correct time, but also the understanding of musical elements – rhythm, melody, harmony, tone colour, structure and the origin of the music. In order to achieve this goal, I am willing to offer a supportive atmosphere with genuine and practical advices for students to see the value of piano practice. Eventually, I hope every piano learner in my studio can be self-motivated and have a firm determination of piano playing, as well as feeling comfortable and balanced at the piano.


What Do I Teach

Music pieces and solid technical foundation

Grades exam preparation

Sight-reading / Sight-singing

Music Theory

Harmonization skills

Music History

Components / Teaching Approach

Simultaneous method

Regular test for Scales & Arpeggios; sight-reading, Aural, opportunities for students for perform their exam pieces;

15 mins to 20 mins exercise on each lesson

Grade 1 to 8 Music Theory; Relevant to student’s music pieces

Music Analysis and Chord progressions

Composer’s background; Origin of the music



I find Lin’s lesson very effective. She points out my practice problem precisely, and encourages me to think why I am doing it wrongly. This is very helpful for me as I no longer stuck in the same mistake and practice over and over again without knowing the truth.

– Anna G.


I learnt some basic chord progressions from Lin and I can finally play my favorite piece Canon in D and pop songs in a month. I am glad that I find a right piano teacher who knows what I want to learn and help me to achieve it.

– Eamon


My daughter Ariel has been learning piano with Lin for one and half years, I am happy to see how she loves to practice her pieces now and has confidence to play in front of people.

–  Chloé


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